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Written by Thaibryozoans   
Saturday, 07 February 2009 18:15

"Hislopia. This is one of the most mysterious of all bryozoans. It has never been seriously studied. It is closely related to marine bryozoans, which means it is only distantly related to freshwater bryozoans. Virtually nothing is known about its ecology or life cycle. In Hislopia it is assumed that sexual reproduction results in a swimming larva, but no larva has ever been described. For many years dormant buds were suspected (similar to statoblasts), and my studies in Thailand have finally confirmed their existence. But we do not know how these dorman structures are formed or how resistant they are to desiccation and other unsuitable conditions. Five species have been proposed, including Hislopia malayensis from Patani Province in southern Thailand. However, the reliability of features used to distinguish species has never been tested. In other words, this species is a big question mark. Maybe some day you will figure it all out. Hislopia occurs throughout the world in tropical climates."

-- Timothy S. Wood






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